School Nurse

Caroline O’Donnell


Caroline O’Donnell, RN is the nurse at Laurel Mountain. Brandy Hafner RN, BSN, is our Team Leader for the Westwood Learning Community at Laurel Mountain. Nurse O’Donnell is on campus everyday at LME.  Our goal is to keep kids healthy so they can learn at their best. We intervene as necessary to promote health and well-being. Good Health is basic to academic achievement. We are here as nurses to work along side teacher,staff, and parents to see that each student is able to learn at his/her best.


Written permission from a parent or legal guardian is required prior to school personnel administering prescription or nonprescription medications. All medications must be in the original container and properly labeled. You may wish to ask the pharmacist for an extra labeled bottle for medication at school. Medication that can be administered at home, ( i.e. two or three times daily) should be done at home, if at all possible. Sample medications given by the physician need to be labeled and a written order from the physician with dosage and frequency. Daily medications (prescription and over-the-counter) may be given by the school nurse provided that your physician completes the district medication permission request form which can be found on the nurses and district website. All prescription medications must be signed by a physician, even if the medication is not given daily. NOTE: Requests to alter dosage or frequency of medication must be accompanied by your physician’s written note stating the dosage and frequency of medication to be given. Directions on over-the counter packaging (regarding age, dose and frequency) will be followed unless a doctor’s note is submitted. All medications (including cough drops) must be turned into the nurse’s office. Herbal medications will not be given.


RRISD Health Services Asthma Action Plan

RRISD Food Allergy Emergency Care Plan

Authorization Form for Self Carry/Administration of Medication

Participate in Kinsa’s FLUencyTM program – How to Join

Immunizations: Clinics are going to be very busy before school starts. It is always a good idea to call ahead to check on schedules, hours of operation, and availability of vaccines. Click here for a list of area clinics that administer vaccines.


Please check your child’s health concerns before they leave for school. If your student is ill, please keep him/her home. We keep no medications on campus other than what you provide to the nurse for your child.

RRISD District Policy as written in the Student/Parent Handbook: Students will with a temperature of 100 degrees or above will be sent home. To prevent the spread of communicable disease, ill students must be symptom free and FEVER FREE FOR 24 HOURS without the use of temperature reducing medications before returning to school.

Head Lice Information


Pertinent information to your student’s health care must be updated yearly with health concerns and emergency contact information on the  online registration (Snapcode). This information remains confidential. Remember to update EMERGENCY PHONE NUMBERS with the registrar and/or school nurse throughout the year. We must know how to locate you in case of an emergency at all times.


Kinder, 1st, 3rd, 5th grades will be screened. Screenings are required by the Texas Department of State and Health Services. We will notify you if there is a possible problem.


1st, 3rd, 5th grades screening will be conducted. The screening consists of a visual exam of the student’s neck, looking for skin that is light brown-black, velvety, rough or thickened areas. These markings may be an indicator of diabetes and/or high blood pressure. We will notify you if there is any reason for concern.