Our Vision

Laurel Mountain is a school for talent development, joyful learning, and creative innovation where everyone teaches, learns, contributes, and makes decisions.
Our Mission

To create a strength-based, safe, nurturing environment in which all children will develop their interests, skills, strategies, and attitudes necessary to become independent explorers, critical thinkers, leaders, and responsible citizens.

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Growing Up Global

Growing Up Global at LME, Guiding Principles, Key Concepts, United Nations, UN Days, and more

Learning Model

Curriculum Alignment, Differentiated Learning, Engaged Learning, Inclusiveness, Learning Community, Philanthropy, and more

Mission & Vision

Mission Statement, Vision, Goals, Safety & Climate, Learning, Collaboration and Communication


Outdoor Learning in Round Rock ISD is more than just a short walk on a nature trail. Outdoor Learning provides ongoing authentic learning experiences for students that encompasses traditional subjects like science, language arts, math, technology and social studies; and engages broader objectives like responsibility and respect. Through Outdoor Learning, students are provided a unique opportunity to engage subjects in a way not found in the traditional brick-and-mortar classroom.

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