Chess Club

Chess Club 2017-18

Chess Club – After School Small Group Professional Coach Lessons
Day of the Week: Monday – Friday, weekly
Dates: Classes begin the week of Sept 18th. End dates vary, please see the complete class schedule below in the description. Chess club registration is for the entire school year 2017-2018.
Time: Monday – Friday: 3:00 – 4:10 PM
Eligible Grades: K – 5th grade
Fee: $340

The after school lessons are taught by a professional chess coach in a small group setting with kids of similar skill level (USCF ranking) once a week. Coach Craig LaSalle and Coach Daniel Rodriguez have both agreed to take afternoon class everyday of the week. This would enable us to provide:

  • Smaller groups of kids in each club meeting time
  • A tighter defined level within each group of kids, which will enable the coach to prepare lessons more focused on the specific level of each group
  • More differentiation, with coaches better able to focus on individual levels of experience and expertise
  • More fun for the kids, who will enjoy playing more against kids who are closer to them in expertise and/or grade level

Class Levels: The LME Chess Committee and coaches worked together to define the best criteria for each group of kids, taking into account both ideal ranges for each instructional level and the actual number of LME chess club members currently at each level.

Class Levels For All Kids Enrolling In LME Chess Club 2017-2018
Beginners K-1 K & 1 Younger kids with limited prior experience in chess club
Beginners 1st-5th with at least one semester of chess club experience but no tournaments
Advanced Beginners Chess rating of 100-250
Intermediate 1 Chess rating of 250-500
Intermediate 2 Chess rating of 400-800
Advanced Chess rating of 800+

Note:  We intend to maintain these skill levels. However, if class sizes are unbalanced, the Chess Committee may make adjustments to class groupings after registration closes and before club sessions begin.

Class Schedule:
The following schedule makes the best possible use of the available coaches and meeting spaces, maximizes the number of families who can continue this year with the same day/time they chose last year, and creates significantly tighter and more focused groupings of kids into appropriate levels:

Class Schedule Class 1:
 3:00PM – 4:15PM Class 2:
 3:00PM – 4:15PM
Monday Beginners K-1 Advanced Beginners
Tuesday Beginners No Class
Wednesday Advanced Beginners Intermediate 1
Thursday Beginners K-1 Beginners /

Advanced Beginners

Friday Intermediate 2 Advanced
  • Seats are limited for each skill level.  Priority will be given to children who meet the criteria for the day/time. Thereafter, priority will be first-come, first-served.
  • Rating cut-offs are not set in stone, but placement in a level that your child does not meet the criteria for can only be done with prior chess committee approval.
  • If we have a lot of interest from beginners for Tuesdays, then we will have a second class on Tuesdays as well.
  • Chess club registration is for the entire school year 2017-2018.
  • During the year, the coach might suggest a better class for your child based on his ability or tournament result. You will be notified about the same and with parent’s permission, the child would be moved to the class that would be a better fit for his skill/level.

Chess Club Fees: Chess Club Fee of $340 (for the entire year) Includes:

  • 24 coached afternoon sessions (For both Fall & Spring sessions)
  • Chess Club T-shirt
  • gold membership
  • Trophy (details below)
  • Beyond School Hours Admin

Class schedule is as follows:

Monday Class: 9/18-12/18
Tuesday Class: 9/19-12/19
Wednesday Class: 9/20-12/13
Thursday Class: 9/21-12/14
Friday Class: 9/22-12/15

Monday Class: 1/22-4/23
Tuesday Class: 1/23-4/24
Wednesday Class: 1/24-4/18
Thursday Class: 1/25-4/19
Friday Class: 1/18-4/27

Chess Club Trophies:
All children who participate in the LME Chess Club will receive a year-end trophy, but only children who participate in at least one Austin-area chess tournament will be eligible for a Gold, Silver or Bronze trophy. There are typically 2-4 chess tournaments in Austin each year. We will keep LME chess club members informed about Austin area chess tournaments. Chess tournaments are a great way to build kids’ excitement about chess, and the LME Chess Club encourages all club members to attend at least one chess tournament every school year.

NO PAYMENT IS DUE UPON REGISTRATION. Once your child’s spot in the club has been confirmed you will receive a link to pay online

1. Any placements in a class for which the child doesn’t meet these rating/ level requirements must be approved by Chess Committee.
2. We intend to maintain the general skill level described for each day/time.  However, if class sizes are unbalanced, Chess Committee may make adjustments to the specific cut-off for a day/time after registration closes and before club meetings begin.

Contact: Siddarth Khanna, LME Chess Committee